Bieter formally enters mayor’s race, starts with war chest BoiseDev analysis finds

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Boise Mayor David Bieter formally entered the race for mayor Thursday.

He first signaled his intent to former Idaho Statesman reporter Sven Berg last spring – and filed a certification of treasurer last year. Two other men, Adriel J. Martinez and Matthew Kilbum also filed to run.

Bieter is currently the longest-serving mayor in Boise’s history, and if he wins reelection and serves the full term would spend a full two decades in office.

Bieter entered 2018 with $59,363 in the bank, according to his year-end disclosure filed with the Boise City Clerk. BoiseDev updated its searchable database of campaign contributions with all donations Bieter took in since the end of the last election cycle.

By our count, 72 individuals or businesses already made a contribution.

  • 39% of donated dollars came from individuals or businesses in the development field.
  • 26% came from the business community.
  • The vast majority of donated dollars – 78% – came from donors with a Boise address.
  • Forty of the 72 donations came at the maximum amount allowed – $1,000.

Here’s our previous coverage of Bieter’s donation base from the 2015 campaign cycle.

Voters will not get another look at donations for candidates until the next filing deadline, which comes 30 days before the election. Since neither Martinez nor Kilbum had active campaigns in 2018, they did not have financial disclosures to make. We will update the database and information for all candidates this fall.

Full list: Dave Bieter 2019 cycle contributions

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