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New apartment, retail project set near Main St. in Downtown Boise

A new residential and retail building could soon sprout up just a half block off of Main St. in Downtown Boise.

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Clay Carley applied to convert an empty parking lot he owns at 5th St and Grove St. for a new six-story building. The lot currently sits behind the Chip Cookies building and across from CW Moore Park.

“We want to add more residential rentals to Downtown,” Carley told BoiseDev. “The makeup of that is based on our experience at The Gibson which has been very strong. We feel these locations, particularly being north of Front St. make them superior.”

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The first floor will include retail, parking, lobby for the residential unit and various support spaces. The second through sixth floors will contain a total of 114 housing units.

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Carley says the mix will be one- and two-bedroom apartments with a few studios mixed in.

“This will be a more amenitized ground floor (compared to The Gibson), with more retail and active pedestrian space,” he said.

Carley teamed with GGLO and PivotNorth, which also contributed to the design of The Gibson a few blocks away at 5th St. and Idaho St.

The primary facade of the building is a sandstone color with gray and orange accents. A section of the building offsets the rest in an olive coloring.

New retail along Grove, 5th

Rendering of retail space along 5th St. Via PivotNorth

Project plans call for a small pocket of open space along 5th St. near the alley, adjacent to the retail space. What can folks expect to see in the new retail areas?

“The corner space is probably going to beg for restaurant, foodservice of some sort,” Carley said. “The interior we are going to design as flexible – whatever the market says wants to be there.”

He said food and hospitality is likely the best fit based on current market trends

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Currently, a parking lot covers the site. A few storage buildings used to sit on the corner along 5th St., but crews demolished those in the early 2000s.

The site sits in Boise’s P1 Parking Reduction Overlay district, which means it does not require any parking spaces. According to the application, it would include parking for a total of 12 cars. Space to store 114 bicycles is also included. Carley is currently building a large 600-space parking garage one block away at 6th St. and Front St.

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This is the latest in a spate of projects that could add more than 1,000 housing units to the southern rim of Downtown Boise.

Seven proposed projects could bring more than 1,000 new housing units to Downtown Boise if all are approved and built. Graphic: Don Day/BoiseDev

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