Want to own a strip club? Two are for sale. Finger steaks not included

If you’ve ever wanted to own a strip club, this could be your chance.

The Torch Lounge and The Torch II are listed for sale. The price is $4.15 million – and gets you all the assets of both gentleman’s clubs — including the businesses, buildings, fixtures, liquor license and the land underneath.

The building housing the Torch Lounge on Main St. first went up in 1946. For decades it served as a traditional tavern – and as Milo’s Torch Lounge it is known as the birthplace of the finger steak. Owner Milo Bybee invented the breaded steak dish intertwined with Boise food lore in the 1950s. In 2014, The Boise Weekly’s Tara Morgan turned a phrase about the Torch’s finger steak history better than I ever could:

“But ever since the joint stripped down to a boobie bar, finger steak enthusiasts across the Treasure Valley have been seeking someone to carry on the torch, so to speak.”

The Torch ditched the food menu — and most everything else — when it converted to a strip club more than 20 years ago.

It spawned a second location on Vista Ave. known simply as The Torch II.

The value in the listing might lie primarily in the value of the real estate – with .83 acres in Downtown Boise along Main Street and .43 acres on Vista Ave. near the Boise Depot.

The downtown club is right across the street from the Red Lion Hotel, which is set for a $10 million overhaul into a new Delta by Mariott. It also sits in a CCDC urban renewal district.

The strip club most recently hit the news when it put up a billboard and caught a bunch of media attention for it.

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