BoiseDev joins with The Idaho Press to launch weekly print section

Years ago, I championed a TV spot that hasn’t aged well.

“That’s strange. Those newspaper websites started charging for what used to be free. Better get our your credit card.”

It kept going.

“But we won’t ask for your money like those newspaper websites. That’s just wrong!”

At the time, I thought the spot was hilarious.

It wasn’t.

The truth is, we have to look at a wide variety of different ways to fund journalism. For television newsrooms, the funding comes through advertising and fees charged to cable providers. For newspapers, advertisers and subscription revenue are in the mix.

For BoiseDev, it is advertising and our popular and growing membership program.

No one model is right or wrong. And I’ve come to realize that we all need to row together. It doesn’t matter if it’s good journalism coming from a TV, print, radio or online newsroom – as long as it’s journalism.

BoiseDev in The Idaho Press

Starting Saturday, a curated selection of BoiseDev stories will appear in print each week. Through an innovative new partnership with the Idaho Press, our content will power its new Dev section.

Plus, a raft of additional features will appear, including commercial real estate transactions, a column from the BBB – and additional reported stories from the Idaho Press team.

Here on BoiseDev, you will start to see a few stories from Idaho Press reporters. I’ve been impressed by the work their team does and am excited to bring those stories to you.

Scott McIntosh, a friend and editor of the Idaho Press put it this way in his column today.

“My individual view is that news organizations need six modes of delivery to be successful in the future media landscape: print, social media, audio, video, email and digital. I believe this will be the standard model in the future. Note that I still include print in that formula. It may not be the same form or frequency we know today, but I think to ignore print for any news provider would be folly, just as ignoring digital or social would be folly for a news organization. You’re just missing out on a segment of the audience you’re trying to reach. Successful news organizations will be the ones that leverage a combination of all six pieces most effectively.”

As I studied news models at Stanford, I started to think in a similar way. The print publication still has strong value when it is invested in and produced properly. The Idaho Press team has seen tremendous growth over the past year – and the product is well worth subscribing to.

[How to solve the local news crisis? Look it up in the library.]

This is another way to grow and expand the BoiseDev mission to provide a community-centric, locally-owned news source. As always, I want to hear your feedback:

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