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High profile Vista Ave. art project still in the works – details & timeline

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A multi-year attempt to add art to the Vista Ave. corridor could slide into 2020.

The idea sprang from a mapping project in 2014 that identified Vista Ave. as a prime location from public art. In 2015, a call to artists went out for ideas.

The Boise Department of Arts and History first asked for public input on several median art proposals in 2017. The Boise City Council decided to start over and reject all three projects from local artists.

Last year, it put three more proposals up for public feedback. In September, the Boise City Council approved a proposal from two Berkley, CA artists. Here’s how artists Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell described their concept “Transitions” last year:

“Our four majestic sculptures are designed to stand out from their surroundings. Bright colors and gentle wind derived movements are intended to attract motorists’ and pedestrians’ attention from a distance and produce a momentary “wow” reaction of enjoyment and curiosity. Moving elements are purposely placed high up on the sculpture to avoid issues of safety and vandalism. These sculptures will be an identifying signature piece at the gateway to the city of Boise.”

A spokesperson for arts and history said it is waiting on final engineering plans, which will go through a review by public works. Once that is complete, the artist team can start work on fabrication, and the project will go out for a request for proposal for a contractor to build the footings for the project.

Courtesy City of Boise

Crews will put up the sculptures in the medians of Vista between Malad St. and Targee St.

Art won’t be in place until this fall at the earliest, or spring of 2020 to avoid wintry weather.

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