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Costco adds self-checkout kiosks back to local warehouse

What’s old is new again. Costco Wholesale is adding self-checkouts to some of its warehouse stores across the country – including in Boise.

Costco previously added – then removed – self-checkout kiosks in some of its US locations earlier this decade. The Nampa warehouse had them for a time before the chain decided to remove them.

Now, the kiosks are back in about 125 locations, according to the retailer’s most recent call. They popped up in Boise earlier this month. A total of nine self-checkout stands sit in an area that used to include traditional checkout lanes off to the warehouse’s south side.

“For us it works best in high-volume locations where it’s got a lot easier, particularly if you have a credit card,” company CEO Richard Galanti said. “It’s very fast, and customers are using it. It’s saving some labor at the front end, it’s getting people through the front end faster.”

The Nampa location does not currently offer the self checkout lanes.

Boise-based Albertsons also returned self checkout lanes to some Boise stores after removing them.

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