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What’s that funny looking thing? Technology coming to an ACHD pole near you

Several people contacted BoiseDev asking about new devices popping up atop stop light poles around Ada County. Our friend Eric Turner even snapped a few pictures.

Crews work to install a small cell antenna on an ACHD pole this spring. Photo courtesy Eric Turner

After some digging, we found the answer: technology designed to make your cell phone work better.

Natalie Shaver with the Ada County Highway District had the answer to our question:

“We have master license agreements with a few cellular companies to install small cell antennas on traffic signal poles and other utility poles (with their owner’s approval) within ACHD ROW,” she said.

She said the agency approved 77 of the antennas – and several are already in place. In the agency’s Road Wizard column, ACHD said it charges a $500 application fee, as well as an annual license fee.

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116 & West
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The small cells expand existing 4G coverage and can provide 5G coverage as that service rolls out, according to the Road Wizard item.

Small cell locations

Here’s a listing of the approximate location of the new cell antennas, provided by ACHD:

  • 10th and Washington
  • 8th and Bannock
  • 5th and Washington
  • 4th and Idaho
  • Beacon and Vermont
  • 10th and Main
  • 13th and Jefferson
  • 5th and Idaho
  • 4th and Main
  • 8th and Main
  • Parkcenter and Pennsylvania
  • McMillan and Eagle
  • Cherry Lane and Linder
  • Cloverdale and Ustick
  • Westpark and Milwaukee
  • Main and 27th
  • Fairview and Hickory
  • Victory and Cole
  • Franklin and Curtis
  • Boise and Protest
  • State and 23rd
  • Franklin and Locust Grove
  • Victory and Locust Grove
  • Cherry Lane and Ten Mile
  • Franklin and Main
  • Victory and Meridian
  • McMillan and Five Mile
  • Front and Morrison Knudsen
  • Franklin and Benjamin
  • Beacon and Broadway
  • Goldstone and Eagle
  • Ustick and Locust Grove
  • Grove and 15th
  • Overland and Overland Park
  • Myrtle and 11th
  • Emerald and Hartman
  • Grove and Capitol
  • Front and 5th
  • Myrtle and 3rd
  • Idaho and 3rd
  • Hickory and Cloverdale
  • River and 8th
  • St Luke’s and Eagle
  • Franklin and Milwaukee
  • Victory and Five
  • McMillan and Locust Grove
  • 13th and River
  • Park and Parkcenter
  • Franklin and Linder
  • Jefferson and 5th
  • Emerald and Cole
  • Americana and Shoreline
  • Elder and Shoshone
  • Gowen and Orchard
  • Victory and Trabuco
  • McMillan and Meridian
  • Targee and Vista
  • Boise and Bown
  • Gillis and Gary
  • Jefferson and Fort
  • State and 18th
  • Myrtle and 8th
  • Broadway and Main
  • Front and 13th
  • Pine and Locust Grove
  • Overland and Orchard
  • Goddard and Milwaukee
  • Boise and Gekeler
  • Emerald and Orchard
  • Rose Hill and Roosevelt
  • Goddard and Maple Grove
  • Idaho and 11th
  • Pine and Meridian
  • State and Pierce Park
  • Main and 13th
  • Mallard and Parkcenter
  • Milwaukee and Milwaukee
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