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Where business news starts in Boise.

‘Doesn’t drive well:’ New buffered bike lanes Downtown cause confusion

A new configuration for vehicle and bike traffic on Main St. and Fairview Ave. in Downtown Boise is causing confusion.

The Ada County Highway District complete what it calls a “microseal” – overlaying the pavement with a new treatment. It then went about putting down new lane stripes.

The project aims to provide a bike lane with a buffer, plus parking and three travel lanes along most of Main St. and Fairview Ave. between 16th St. and Whitewater Park Blvd. One travel lane for vehicles will be removed.

But things are a little… off.

“The striping plan looked good on paper, but doesn’t drive well,” Nicole Du Bois with Ada County Highway District said.

The lane markers veer off in a few spots, as first highlighted by KBOI’s Natalie Hurst in a widely-shared tweet Tuesday. As Fairview Ave., the lane configuration changes from one side of 23rd St. to the other.

ACHD said the configuration isn’t intentional.

“The problem is actually two-part,” Du Bois said. “First, the striping for the project is not yet complete, and second, parts of the striping that is in place is confusing.”

Road diagram, via ACHD

For now, work on the striping project is on hold, while ACHD crews rework the plan.

“We do not want to stripe anything further to turn around and have to remove it. Tabs will be placed this evening to help remedy the situation in the meantime.”

ACHD said it received several calls and emails about the issue today. A Boise Police Department said she is not aware of any accidents or complaints.

Du Bois said a timeline for a fix is not yet known.

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