JUST IN: Albertsons drops suit against Boise bakery, beer shop

After several days of negative attention after an Idaho Press story revealed a lawsuit it filed, Albertsons Companies of Boise announced it would change course.

Albertsons dropped Granny C’s Bakery and CopenRoss Growlers from the suit it filed on July 30th. The suit hangs on line-items in Albertsons’ lease with the Hillcrest Shopping Center that it says prevent certain business types.

“When Albertsons filed these lawsuits at the end of July, we had no visibility into the lease agreements that had been provided to Granny C’s and CopenRoss Growlers,” John Colgrove, Albertsons’ Intermountain Division president said. “It was only when the details of Granny C’s lease agreement were made public that we learned about the discrepancies between their lease agreement and ours. Our lease agreement from 1987 stipulates that the landlord must provide us with the opportunity to review businesses that might directly compete with products we sell.”

Albertsons says its beef is primarily with the owner of the center, FPA Shoppes at Hillcrest LLC. FPA Shoppes is a division of FPA Multifamily & Investments of Irvine, CA.

“The landlord didn’t uphold their obligations to Albertsons when the landlord recruited these new tenants for Hillcrest Shopping Center. Unfortunately, all three businesses have suffered damages as a result of the landlord’s failure to uphold its obligations to Albertsons under our original lease agreement.”

Albertsons said it reached out to both CopenRoss and Granny C’s. It says it has had a number of issues with the land owner of Hillcrest beyond just the current lease issue.

“It has been incredibly difficult to work with them,” Colgrove said of FPA Shoppes at Hillcrest.

“We are disappointed that the landlord misled these two local businesses, and we deeply regret any distress that the owners of Granny C’s and CopenRoss Growlers experienced as a result of this dispute,” he said. “Albertsons is committed to working alongside these tenants to reach an amicable resolution with the landlord.”

Facebook Live: Analysis on Albertsons’ decision

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