North End bakery and cafe sets Boise Bench location

Poppy Seed Café plans to follow up on its North End location with a new shop on the Boise Bench.

Kim Castor and Jeremy Franklin own Poppy Seed, which first opened in November 2016 on Hill Rd. near 36th St. The small cafe space cranks out a variety of baked goods, salads and other breakfast and lunch selections.

The duo announced on Facebook they would branch out with a second location on Ustick Rd. near Cole Rd.

“Are you guys ready for Poppy Seed 2.0??! Because IT IS HAPPENING !!! We are opening a SECOND location. It’ll have our sammies, our quiche, our amazing Iron Mule Coffee Co. coffee, our bakery goodies, and – my favorite part – A DRIVE THRU. Oh man, I’m so excited.”

The second location will take up the 576 square foot former Gyro House drive-through. Signage on the building indicated a second location for Burger Belly for several years, but the restaurant never materialized. Burger Belly (and Rocky’s Diner) owner Petros Pafilias sold the land recently.

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