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Where business news starts in Boise.

‘This is crazy:’ landowner of Garden City’s Yardarm frustrated over condos on his doorstep

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Victor Myers saw the potential in Garden City four summers ago. He put down roots along 36th St near the Boise River. A surf shop on one side, and, with partner Guy Midnight, The Yardarm bar and food truck on the other.

Now, after three summers in a construction zone, Myers said contractors didn’t build the condo project next door properly – causing water problems for the bar.

But the contractor for the condos said he took the required steps and considers it a closed case.

“As soon as they started framing (the condos), I was like ‘this is crazy’,” Myers said Wednesday at his outdoor bar. “We’ve had water issues since they broke ground.”

The Bridge Townhomes condos back right up to the Yardarm. The City of Garden City approved the project to sit right up against the shared property line. But Myers said the project went further.

“That roofline came over our property,” Myers said. “They’ve cut the eave off in hopes of calling it good. My issue is the drainage plan that was engineered for the building (to be in a different spot).”

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But Todd Weltner with Vertical Construction – the general contractor on the condo project – said it’s a “non-issue.”

“We did have a roof overhanging that went over the property. The city signed off on it and we fixed it,” Weltner said. “During construction, there was a rain event and structures weren’t fully in place and he might have gotten some water in his back dirt lot.” Weltner said that’s been taken care of.

Suit filed and dropped

Myers filed suit in July over the encroachment of the roofline over his property. Vertical came in and cut back the roofline, and Myers dismissed the suit last month.

“He filed a lawsuit without talking to me,” Weltner said. “We are not on speaking terms which is unfortunate because we are next-door neighbors.” Vertical’s HQ is right down the street from The Yardarm and Corridor Surf Shop.

Myers said he dropped the suit due to cost.

“I don’t have deep enough pockets to throw at the wall on this,” Myers said. “I filed that and dismissed it – but cutting off the eave is an admission they made a mistake.”

Weltner said he’s ready to move on.

“We are confident that the plans we submitted were approved,” he said. “Construction is done. People can move in this week.”

Hearing set

Myers hopes concerned patrons of The Yardarm will show up at a Garden City City Council meeting this Monday. A variance request related to a rock wall for the project along the Boise River Greenbelt is on the docket. Weltner said the hearing isn’t about the drainage plan. The staff report from city planners does not mention the issue.

The Garden City City Council meeting will take place this Monday, September 9th at 6pm at Garden City City Hall.

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