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Boise’s first skyscraper up for sale


The historic Hoff Building is nearly 100 years old, and could soon have a new owner.

Colliers International posted a listing for the 13-story office and retail building at the corner of 8th St. and Bannock St. this week.

(The build does not include a labeled 13th story – so some sources call the building 14 floors high).

According to reporting at the time, the building also went on the market in 2015, but ownership did not change hands. Since 2006, Seattle-based Comick Hoff LLC owned the building. A previous owner of the building, Hoff Building LLC also included Comick among its registered agents

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Deep Boise history

Hotel Boise. Via Preservation Idaho

Construction crews built the Hotel Boise building in 1930 with art deco designs from famed Boise firm Tourtellotte & Hummel. It operated as a 100-room hotel for 46 years, when the Hoff Lumber Company purchased the building. The company brought about big changes – changing the name to match the company, converting it from hotel space to offices, removing the large “HOTEL BOISE” sign atop the building, and adding two floors to the top, including a rooftop restaurant.

The hotel building was the second tallest building in Boise when it first opened, behind only the Idaho Statehouse. It wasn’t eclipsed until the Bank of Idaho (now Key Bank) building went up in 1963.

Today, the Hoff is the 10th tallest building downtown – 11th tallest when you include Albertsons Stadium (and if you want to get hyper-technical, the Boise Airport tower is the tallest building of all in Boise and would push the Hoff to 12th place. But I digress.)

In the decades since, the building served scores of office tenants, as well as the Crystal Ballroom, banks and retail. The restaurant space – once known as Top of the Hoff and the Radio Room is now used as office space.

The property includes more than 86,733 of total square footage and the listing agents say it is currently 93% occupied.

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