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The new marquee on Broadway: Work starts on large new Boise State sign

Idaho AGC Going Up

A multi-year process to install a new sign along Broadway Ave. for Boise State is starting to show progress.

University officials turned off the video board on the marquee in 2016, and ripped out the sign in 2018. At the time, the sign still used an old logo the school replaced in 2012.

Now, work crews started building a new brick foundation for the replacement sign in the same place. Standing nearly 30 feet tall, the sign will include the school’s large “B” logo. It will also sport an upgraded “electronic media center” — better known as a digital billboard.

In a BoiseDev story last year, Boise State University Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing Greg Hahn said the new sign ”is designed to reflect the campus look and feel through the brick pattern, which can be seen across campus, and that silver/aluminum accent from buildings like the student union building and environmental research building.”

The display will advertise events across campus and other messages related to the school.

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The new sign replaces a 1980s-era billboard that used to have a twin along Capitol Blvd. The signs carried a First Security Bank sponsor logo – the bank helped pay the cost of the two displays.

The University removed the Capitol Blvd. sign in the 1990s as part of a push to clean up the view corridor between the Boise Depot and Idaho Statehouse.

Work crews install the Capitol Blvd. sign in May 1984. Courtesy Boise State University Special Collections and Archives.

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