You asked: What’s the big steel structure rising up off Chinden?

You might have noticed a large steel structure going up off Chinden Blvd. near Black Cat Rd. in Meridian.

According to City of Meridian permit records, the building will house Rock Harbor Church. The large church building measures at 59,398 square feet for the first phase. Two additional places are planned. The building sits on a 6-acre site, and is surrounded by a parking lot with room for hundreds of vehicles.

ITD denied the church’s request for an access point along Chinden Blvd., instead requiring access along Tree Haven Ln., which serves a nearby subdivision.

Rock Harbor currently meets at Rocky Mountain High School, and has an office on Meridian Rd.

Construction started earlier this summer and will take 12-16 months to complete according to Ada County Highway District records. ACHD reports the church hoped to start construction in 2018 but the project was delayed.

(Thanks, Rachel, for the question!)

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