Three Corners Ranch, new gated ‘large lot’ subdivision planned in Meridian

A former 31-acre piece of farmland in Meridian will soon hold a total of 45 homes in a gated subdivision called Three Corners Ranch.

Conger Development Co. applied earlier this year to develop the Three Corners Ranch on the Dean/Schroeder Property on Dunwoody Ct. The property is surrounded on all sides by residential developments, including Bristol Heights. It sits between Eagle Rd. and Locust Grove — and McMillan Rd and Chinden Blvd., on the dividing line between Boise and Meridian’s city limits.

Some neighbors in the area fought the project over traffic concerns, but it ultimately won approval from Meridian City Council in August.

The application letter repeatedly sells the idea of larger lot sizes.

“Three Corners Ranch will provide perspective homeowners with an exceedingly rare opportunity to purchase a residential lot larger than typically available in the Meridian market,” developers wrote in a letter to the City of Meridian. “Three Corners Ranch far exceeds the lots (sic) size requirements for the requested R-4 designation. At an average lot size of 22,066 square feet, lots in Three Corners Ranch far exceeds (sic) Meridian’s 8,000 square foot minimum.”

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Homes in Three Corners Ranch will include one and two-story styles. The development will include a 1.26-acre park, climbing boulder area, basketball court, and paths and sidewalks.

Access to the new housing project will be gated.

“Dedicated to creating something nice, the landowner chose a gated design for this community with large lots. There is continuing interest in Meridian for these larger lots.”

Google Earth historical imagery shows how residential developments sprung up all around the project, giving it a landlocked approach.

Google Earth, 2018
Google Earth, 1992

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