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A new hurdle for a Boise stadium? Minor League Baseball puts the brakes on changes

The New York Times reports that a major shakeup could be afoot in Minor League Baseball. Some teams could close, others could change from short season to long season, and other changes are possible.

The NYT’s reporting, first pointed out by KTIK’s Mike Prater, notes teams in the Northwest League are “vulnerable” to losing affiliation with MLB clubs. The Boise Hawks play in the Northwest League. The NYT reporting didn’t indicate which teams could be affected.

Baseball America, in separate reporting, says the NWL would “move to full-season ball.” Right now, the Hawks and other teams play a short season from June to September. Full season teams start play in early April when average temps are in the low 60s in Boise.

The other significant piece of news today, is a letter from the president of Minor League Baseball, telling teams not to make any big adjustments.

The president of Minor League Baseball, Pat O’Conner, recently sent a letter to member teams, which was obtained by The New York Times, warning of significant impending changes and advising teams not to make any financial commitments, new lease agreements or schedules beyond 2020.

The Boise Hawks, and owner Greenstone Properties have been working since at least 2015 to build a new baseball park in Boise – on at least three different sites. So far, the company owns a single, small, parcel in Boise under the Symposion Lounge.

Greenstone hoped to have a new park open in 2020, and is holding discussions with the Greater Boise Auditorium District and others. But the minor league president’s letter could further slow progress.

The stadium project, like the Boise library project, are the focus of a pair of citizen initiatives that would restrict how city leaders could spend money on large capital projects without a citizen vote.

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