Land south of Boise airport on the block; could be the site of thousands more homes

A large tract of land in southwest Boise could add even more homes near the already-approved Syringa Valley development.

CBH Homes is working on a new development with 2,000 homes in SW Boise, centered along Lake Hazel Rd.

The property stretches across more than 520 acres on six separate parcels. Altogether, the Ada County Assessor values the parcels at less than $100,000 – based on their current classification of dry grazing land.

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“The subject property has become one of the last large pieces of land in the city of Boise, making it a desirable opportunity for a buyer to establish a true master-planned community,” the sales flier pitches.

The newly-marketed land is owned by the Estate of Victoria H. Smith, according to Ada County records. According to the Idaho Press, Smith died after a fall in 2012. Her estate landed in the Idaho Supreme Court, with justices finding Smith’s son used ‘undue influence’ and his role as an attorney to cut his siblings out of the will of the nearly-100-year-old Smith.

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Fast-growing area (aren’t they all?)

The CBH Homes project, which sits to the immediate west of the land, will someday feature 2,000 houses in a master-planned community. That project sits on roughly 600 acres and its development is dictated by a specific plan it worked out with the City of Boise.

If sold and developed for residential use, the Smith land combined with Local could add a significant new area of development in the City of Boise, south of the Boise Airport. Locale caught the ire of area residents, culminating in hours of testimony against the project in 2016. The Boise City Council ultimately approved the project.

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A new bridge over the New York Canal connects Lake Hazel all the way from Orchard St. to Cole Rd. Lake Hazel is set to eventually extend all the way to Interstate 84 near Isaacs Canyon.

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