With growth, City Peanut branches out to Boise Bench

The City Peanut Shop opened ten years ago in Downtown Boise. Now, growth and expansion mean owner Dan Balluff will branch out with a second facility.

He purchased the old Dominos Pizza location on Vista Ave. near Quinn’s Lounge, and will move his roasting operation to the site.

“Right now I’m cooking in a 15 -foot by 8-foot space downtown,” Balluff said. “It’s tough to roast 100,000 bags of nuts out of there. It will be easier to do our small batches at the new location.”

Balluff said business is booming. Last year, City Peanut partnered with Filson, a Seattle-based chain of clothing stores.

“They started in Seattle in 1897. They came through last year and took some of our stuff back to staff, and asked us to work with them for their holiday catalog.”

Now, City Peanut is producing a collector’s tin for Filson each year.

“I’m going up to Seattle to be in their flagship store. Our product will be in up to 14 different cities,” he said. “Working with guys like that, it makes you better.”

With the new former pizza shop, he hopes to do even more.

“Ten years ago , Bannock St. was pretty empty in the heart of the recession,” he said of the Downtown City Peanut location. “I feel good about the rejuvenation in that area, along with some other fine people. I’d like to help with Vista also. I know it needs to be spruced up, it’s a major entryway into the city, but I want to be part of making it better.”

City Peanut will start roasting out of the Vista location soon, and next year, he hopes to launch some retail.

“It won’t be before the holiday season, but in the springtime in the front. We will do some retail and some gift baskets. Some nuts, plus beer.”

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