Albertsons bought Plated, added it to local stores & took it away. It’s changing course again

Boise-based Albertsons joined the fast-growing meal kit space in 2017, buying Plated for $200-million.

Now, just two years later, Albertsons will wind down home delivery of Plated kits and pivot to a new concept. Plated’s prior offering gave a customer a complete meal in a box, complete with cooking instructions and all the ingredients needed.

Now, the company said it will roll out an “expanded set” of Plated-branded products in its stores, aiming to position it as “a comprehensive in-house culinary brand,” according to a news release.

After buying Plated, the company rolled out sales of the dinner kits in a variety of stores around the country. The kits launched in Boise in 2018, starting with the opening of the chain’s showcase store on Broadway Ave. They disappeared in March of this year.

A Plated spokesperson called the move temporary in a statement to BoiseDev. The move came just weeks after Plated’s founder left Albertsons.

Now Albertsons says it will roll out a series of unspecified Plated products to its stores starting next year. The products will move beyond the traditional dinner-based meal kits, the company said.

Dropping the meal kit-by-mail product caused rival Blue Apron to drop 4.2% on Wall Street Tuesday. That company dropped 61% over the past year, according to MarketWatch.

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