The new-ish Broadway bridge had problems. Here’s an update on repairs

Last year, BoiseDev reported on a pair of problems with the Broadway Bridge in Boise.

The project cost $20 million in 2016, but problems with a railing near Boise State triggered a lawsuit from the State of Idaho. As we were reporting out the story, we discovered a second problem.

But did the issues get fixed?

The first problem was a railing along the road near Albertsons Stadium. The steel used in the project didn’t meet minimum requirements, according to the lawsuit. After just one winter season, the railing was corroded.

ITD testing found the “vast majority of the stainless steel in the Pedestrian Rail did not meet the… standard.” 

Stainless steel tube railing along Broadway Ave. near Albertsons Stadium shows discoloration and corrosion. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

This fall, the railing finally got a replacement. ITD spokesperson Jennifer Gonzalez tells BoiseDev that the work did not come at a cost to taxpayers.

The second problem, flaking paint on the railing over the bridge, hasn’t been fixed according to Gonzalez. ITD was not aware of the issue until we noted it.

“ITD will look into the coating failure on the bridge railing that you pointed out,” Gonzalez said at the time. “The coating failure pictured would not be expected.”

But the issue still has not been resolved.

“The department pursued having the contractor fix it, unfortunately, it has already been accepted and was outside the warranty period,” Gonzalez said. “Thus the contractor was unwilling to do so. The department is pursuing paying to have it fixed.”

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