WaFd Bank starts remodel of BodyBuilding.com HQ

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Work will soon start on renovations to the BodyBuilding.com building in Boise for its new owner.

Last year, WaFd Bank purchased the 100,000 square foot office building on Meeker Ave. for $15.25 million. The company quickly moved 100 employees into the building, and a spokesperson said they hoped to add more over time.

BodyBuilding, a unit of Liberty Expedia Holdings, remains a tenant in the building. The Boise-based company continues to shrink its employee base as its industry changes.

WaFd (formerly Washington Federal) applied to the City of Boise for a $55,525 building permit this week. The first phase of work will include the removal of walls, ceilings, finishes, doors and other improvements. Crews will also put up temporary walls. Permits indicate future phases will revamp the space for WaFd’s use.

WaFd said in its 2018 annual report that it would beef up operations in Boise. A spokesperson said they already had 25 people in IT as of earlier this year.

“Our second IT hub is in Boise, and we’ve done a lot of hiring already there,” WaFd’s Brad Goode said. “It’s a growing tech hub and the quality of life gets mentioned in every magazine as the best place to live and it is affordable. In a (nationwide) economy where the unemployment rate is basically zero, Boise is a great opportunity because people want to live there.”

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