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Plated, again: Albertsons brings back meal kits in local stores

Off again, on again.

Boise-based Albertsons again brought its pre-packaged meal kits back to local stores. We spotted them at the location at 1219 S. Broadway this week.

The company purchased California-based Plated in 2017 for about $200 million. The meal kit service got national publicity on Shark Tank, and competed against similar products like Blue Apron.

Under Albertsons, the company started distributing the kits in stores in several markets – including Boise. But several months later, the kits disappeared. Then Albertsons said it would end home delivery and bring a line of Plated products back to stores.

The new kits sport a reworked brand but remain largely the same. A bundle of ingredients along with a recipe to prepare a meal at home. The company did tweak one component: ingredients now come pre-chopped.

Plated Starter Kit
A plated starter kit in the Boise store. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

A new offering featured at the Boise store is a “starter kit.” That product includes sidecar ingredients, but require separate purchase of the main ingredient. A tortilla soup kit brings together cilantro, cotija cheese, black beans and the like – but shoppers would need to buy a separate roasted chicken elsewhere in the store.

The kits for two people – both full meal and starter varieties – feature a price at $14.99.

The fast-growing meal kit category stalled across the industry. Publicly-traded Blue Apron saw its stock drop over the past year among profitability and sustainability concerns.

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor
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