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Proposed state legislation could force Bieter off Boise urban renewal commission

Legislation introduced in the Idaho Statehouse Thursday could force Dave Bieter, and potentially others, off the Capital City Development Corp. commission.

Sen. Mary Souza of Coeur d’Alene appeared in front of the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee Thursday. The bill has two parts – including a provision that would require Bieter to leave the CCDC panel.

“if you were appointed as an elected person, perhaps a city council member, if you are no longer in office, if you’ve been unelected or retired – you must step down from the urban renewal board,” Souza said.

Bieter appointed and reappointed himself to the CCDC board of commissioners. His current term runs through October of 2022.

Souza said that a member could be reappointed.

“You can be reappointed as a citizen member of the board,” she said.

Possible CCDC impact

Lauren McLean soundly beat Bieter for the mayor’s seat in November’s general election and a December runoff.

It is not clear if the legislation would impact Sen. Maryanne Jordan, who also sits on the CCDC commission. She started on the board as a city council member, but is now an elected state senator. Jordan said Tuesday she would not seek reelection after this session.

Ben Quintana, who was also added to the board as a city council member but has since left office, will see his term expire in May of this year

Another provision in the bill would require independent urban renewal commissions to take any eminent domain actions to their related elected body for approval

The local government panel voted unanimously to move the bill forward. To become law, it would need to pass in both the senate and house, and get Gov. Brad Little’s signature.

Last month, former Boise City Council member Scot Ludwig resigned from the commission, just days after his term on council ended. He urged new Boise mayor Lauren McLean to appoint another city council member in his place.

So far Bieter has not followed Ludwig’s lead.

Earlier in the day, CCDC canceled its February meeting set for next week “at the call of the (chairwoman)”. It will next meet in March.

Last month, the mayor’s office put out a call for applicants to the commission. McLean could appoint as many as three new members to the urban renewal agency’s board. Including Ludwig’s empty seat, the panel could add two more members.

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