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Boise State closes down ‘unlivable’ apartments it just bought near campus

Boise State University acquired a small apartment complex at the corner of Yale St. and Joyce last year. Now, it’s empty and sits behind a temporary fence.

“We… acquired it in May and got full access in January,” Boise State Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing Greg Hahn said. “It sounds like it is essentially unlivable. The fence went up for safety reasons.”

The small apartment building, constructed in 1960, contained eight small apartment units. Hahn said the school gave residents three months’ notice in October that they would need to vacate the property. Some moved before the deadline.

An example of some of the conditions inside the apartments at 1801 W. Yale Ct. Photo via Boise State University

Photos of the property Boise State provided to BoiseDev showed signs of mold, structural damage and other issues.

Boise State says it currently does not have a plan for the property at 1801 W. Yale Ct.. Hahn said there are no current plans to tear the current structure down. It sits next to the newly-constructed Honors College dorms, and a master plan map shows the site in the area of future student housing.

The school asked the City of Boise to add the property and several others to its “U District” zoning. That move would formally bring the property into its campus boundary. Boise’s Planning & Zoning Commission will consider the rezoning request during its March 2nd meeting. It starts at 6pm at Boise City Hall.

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor
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