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‘Boise Boys’ list some homes on Airbnb; cast for ‘remodel’ show

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With Boise’s housing market reaching new heights, one pair of real estate agents might be the strongest symbol of the boom.

Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson operate Timber + Love Realty and various associated businesses. But national TV viewers probably call them the Boise Boys. The pair ostensibly buy homes, renovate them and resell them for a profit in the Boise area.

Homes on Airbnb

As Wow Country 104.3 first noticed, several of the pair’s homes show up on short term rental site Airbnb. Two of the homes list Robertson and/or Caldwell as owners.

One, a former City of Boise Firehouse at 15th and Fort, fetches $229 per night, on average.

The listing, owned by Timber + Love and managed by an apparent third party, touts its moment in the HGTV sun.

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[“Boise Boys” showcases City of Trees to national audience with pricey home revamps]

“THE FIREHOUSE – Fully renovated on HGTV’s BOISE BOYS is a unique, one of a kind old firehouse located in the historic North End,” the Airbnb listing notes.

Screenshot of the “before” image of the so-called Mural House on Warm Springs Ave. in Boise. The graphic shows the amount Timber + Love said they hoped to make on the home. Instead, it is operated as an Airbnb. Image via High Noon Entertainment/HGTV

Another home from season two, The “Mural House” near the M&W Market is listed in Caldwell’s name for $165/night. Caldwell owns the property via an LLC in his name.

The episode featuring the Mural House featured Robertson touting his hope it would soon sell.

“Great news,” he told HGTV viewers. “After just a few days on the market, we got a full price offer on this house. And after it closes, we’ll have made a $75,000 profit.”

But according to Ada County Assessor records, the home never sold and instead popped up on Airbnb shortly after first airing on HGTV last year.

New series seeks renovation

Boise Boys is produced by High Noon Entertainment, the same company behind cultural hit Fixer Upper. It recently announced casting for a new series featuring Caldwell and Robertson. Instead of flipping houses for profit in a tight housing market, it looks to help families remodel.

“(High Noon is) casting families in Boise, Idaho who are currently living in cramped, outdated or dysfunctional houses,” High Noon wrote in a casting call.

To qualify, a family must own a home in or near the Treasure Valley – but also need to bring a large cash stash to the table.

“Minimum renovation budget of $75,000 (budget should be proportional to the amount of renovation work needed in the home),” the casting call noted.

The 58-question application asks for details on the home and family – from structural issues to family hobbies.

HGTV announced it would air the new series, but didn’t provide a timeline.

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