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McLean to nominate herself and two others to Boise urban renewal panel

The Capital City Development Corp. board of commissioners could see a new look at its March meeting.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean will expand the board from seven members to nine. She will also nominate a member to replace Scot Ludwig, who left voluntarily in January.

The mayor will ask the Boise City Council to approve the three nominees during its city council meeting this Tuesday.

As BoiseDev was the first to report, McLean will nominate herself to the panel. During the campaign, she said she didn’t expect to do so, but because former mayor Dave Bieter remains in his post at CCDC, she felt compelled to join.

“If I have to appoint myself to that commission, I will,” McLean said earlier this month. “If there’s a mayor on the board, it should be the current one. CCDC needs to align with the vision of a city.”

McLean will also nominate Kate Nelson, who serves as director of economic opportunity at Jannus. A news release from the city said Nelson has “expertise in economic development and strong ties to Boise.”

She also intends to add Latonia Keith, interim dean of the Concordia School of Law. The release said Keith brings “experience in affordable housing and finance” to the table.

“These individuals have the necessary background and commitment to achieve my vision of affordable housing and economic opportunity for everyone,” McLean said.

The new members would join Bieter, former council member Ben Quintana, Dana Zuckerman, Ryan Woodings, former council member Maryanne Jordan and Gordon Jones.

Legislation working its way through the Statehouse could force Bieter, Jordan, and Quintana off the panel. Quintana’s seat expires in May and would give McLean another opportunity to nominate an additional commissioner.

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor
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