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Developers list land for big dreamed of Garden City project for sale

A Garden City developer rolled out big plans for a mostly-empty street in the city, with prime access to the Boise River. The vision, for the 34th St. Area Plan outlined a vision for a drastically remade urban environment.

But now, the land is for sale.

A real estate listing shows 40 lots in the 34th St. area, with an asking price of $8.75 million. More than 7.69 acres, part of a so-called “specific area plan” approved by Garden City that dictates the type of development that can happen in the area. The plan calls for mixed-use buildings with townhomes, apartments, retail, plazas and other uses. It would also provide parking for more than 400 cars and 450 bikes.

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The project already ran into a somewhat unusual turn of events last summer, when one of the developers told the city not to listen to the other.

Richard Phillips sent a letter to Garden City Mayor John Evans, asking officials to only take direction from his designated agent, Nate Mitchell. While the letter didn’t name her, it essentially asked Garden City not to take direction from partner Hannah Ball, who served as the public face of the project.

Site plan for the Specific Area Plan in Garden City. Via Stack Rock Group

A source with the City of Garden City said they looked into it and found that both Phillips and Ball owned a 50% stake in the business. Any dealings with the city would need consent from both parties.

Ball confirmed the sale listing to BoiseDev.

“Iā€™m looking to see who might be interested in building the vision! I have a few groups interested so I believe it will be positive,” she said.

Mitchell also confirmed the listing.

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