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Data: New data shows Boise area 8th fastest-growing in the US

The latest population estimates from the US Census Bureau show significant growth for the Boise area. The new data shows the Boise Metro Area stands as the eight-fastest growing area in the country.

But, the Boise area isn’t the only fast-growing part of Idaho.

As of July 1, 2019, the Census Bureau estimates 749,002 people lived in the Boise Metro Area, which is made up of Ada, Canyon, Owyhee and Gem counties. That’s an increase of 2.78% from 2018 – or about 20,291 more people.

[2019: New Census report shows Boise area remains one of nation’s fastest-growing]

If you break down the 20,291 new residents, it works out to about 56 per day, 390 per week or 1,690 per month.

Only seven metro areas in the US grew faster. The St. George, Utah area added 3.491% more people to lead the pack. But just ahead of Boise, the Coeur d’Alene metro actually grew ever-so-slightly faster. It grew at a rate of 2.7840% – which compares to Boise’s 2.7837%. Call it a tie.

Since the last decennial census in 2010, the Boise metro added 132,641 residents – a growth of 21.5%. That puts the Boise metro at number 14 on the growth list over the past decade, with an additional 132,641 people.

There’s one other measure you can look at – what the Census considers “combined” metro areas. This measure adds Elmore, Payette, and Malheur, OR to the population estimates. When you add these areas, the total population for the area hits 831,235 residents. The growth rate for the slightly wider area stands at 2.579% from 2018 to 2019 – which ranks third among all of the combined metro areas, behind only Myrtle Beach, SC, and Bend, OR.

The decennial Census is underway. All residents are required by law to respond. You can learn how, here.

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Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don is the founder and publisher of BoiseDev. He is a National Edward R. Murrow Award winner and a Stanford University John S. Knight Fellow. Contact him at [email protected].

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