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Boise’s Apple store first in the nation to reopen

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The world’s most valuable maker of electronics will reopen its store in Boise today. Apple will reopen the store at Boise Towne Square at 11am.

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For a few days at least, Boise will feature the only open Apple store in the U.S.

BoiseDev was the first news outlet to note the upcoming opening — the company later confirmed it to CNBC.

A manager at the Apple store in Boise held a conference call with employees last week telling them of changes at the store, including beefed-up cleaning procedures.

The store opening will focus on support services through its Genius Bar. A number of precautions will go into effect, including temperature checks for visitors, required masks for employees and customers, and social distancing.

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“Our new social distance protocol allows for a limited number of visitors in the store at one time so there may be a delay for walk-in customers. We recommend, where possible, customers buy online for contactless delivery or in-store pick up,” Apple said in a statement to CNBC.

After the Boise opening today, the company will reopen additional stores in South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska starting Wednesday.

Apple closed all its stores in the U.S. on March 13th, initially hoping for a two-week closure. The company did not say when more of its 510 US retail locations outside the four states would open back up.

The maker of iPhones and MacBooks sells more goods per square foot than any retailer, and is a signifiant traffic-driver for Boise Towne Square. The mall, owned by Brookfield Retail Properties, opened last week with just a handful of stores.

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