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Plan for dramatic revamp of downtown’s Bodo moves forward: food hall planned

BoiseDev first reported on a new food hall in Downtown Boise last year. Now, the plan is starting to take shape.

Hendricks Commercial Properties filed a design review application with the City of Boise earlier this month to remake a large portion of the Bodo development.

The food hall will replace the former Urban Outfitters, LOFT and UpCycle spaces along 8th St. It will incorporate Caffe D’arte and The STIL in a new configuration.

As we reported earlier this month, Hendricks said demand for the new concept remains strong.

“Quite frankly our demand has kind of increased,” Hendricks CEO Rob Gerbitz said. “People have shown really good interest.  They are smaller tenants – local-driven.  We’ve been really really happy and the enthusiasm we’ve been getting for it and I’m happy with what the architects have put together.”

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The project would reimagine the 2000s-era Bodo project, and replace the modern facade with something more in the spirit of the historic 8th Street Marketplace warehouse district immediately to the south.

“The updated design includes demolition of portions of existing exterior façade, overbuilds to provide depth to existing façade and repainting/staining of existing masonry walls,” Rory Heggie with CSHQA wrote in an application letter. “Portions of the new building will utilize some of the same materails and characteristics that are used int he surrounding neighborhood.”

“If you stand at D’arte (looking south), you see great old beautiful buildings,” Gerbitz told BoiseDev last year. “The Bodo side is a suburban product. We want to bring it back to being a downtown product. That’s why you’re seeing that vision. We feel strongly about that. There’s something that feels right to people.”

The project also calls for new exterior seating along 8th St., but largely keeps the current sidewalk and streetscape intact.

If given design review approval from the City of Boise, Gerbitz said he hopes to start on the project next spring.

Bodo Boise food hall
Rendering of the updated Bodo project front 8th and Front in Boise. Via CSHQA

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