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Idaho Department of Labor to expand apprenticeship program

The Idaho Department of Labor is working to bring more high schools students and businesses together through its apprenticeship program.

As an apprentice, students gain practical industry experience and professional skills.

“The apprenticeship program doesn’t just give students a pathway to a career, but a head start to a career. They can start the program as young as 16 years old,” said program supervisor Gina Robison.

There are over one hundred apprenticeship job opportunities in Idaho and the average pay is $15 per hour.

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“Every apprenticeship program is customizable so that it’s relevant to what each business and student needs,” said Robison. “Once they graduate the program, they can start building a pathway to a successful career”

Automotive, technology, finance, healthcare and transportation are some of the types of industries involved in Idaho’s program.

As part of its effort to grow and expand the program, the Idaho Department of Labor is hosting an online event for businesses, school counselors and teachers.

The free event is on June 18th from 11:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Register here.

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