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Topgolf playfully teases interest in Boise-area location. Blue turf?

Last year, we told you about a “Topgolf-style” entertainment venue planned at Eagle View Landing in Meridian. While the project remains on the drawing board the developer, Ball Ventures Ahlquist, has not yet confirmed which golf project will go in at Eagle and I-84.

But Topgolf jumped into the fray with a cheeky social media post late Monday night.

Along with an aerial view of a new Topgolf venue in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company posted a caption poking fun at the interest in Boise:

“No matter what we caption this, you’re just gonna ask when we’re coming to Boise or something.”

The comments went… where you’d expect.

sethdosentreallyspam: When you guys coming to Boise?
topgolf: @sethdosentreallyspamseriously Seth. We can’t be friends anymore 😉

jerpetey13: Well are you finally coming to Boise???
topgolf @jerpetey13 NOOOOO

But not everyone’s so into Boise — or Dubai.

thechrisvideto: Who cares about Boise or Dubai, when is Memphis?
topgolf: @thechrisvideto We would love to come to Memphis, but we don’t have any plans at this time.

After we posted this story, the Topgolf social team replied to us on Twitter:

“… but really, can we make the turf blue?”

Topgolf, which matches a large skybox-type building with an open field, allows for individual booths to play an interactive golf-style game. Last year the company said it would focus on smaller markets. The closest current location is in the Salt Lake City metro area.

BVA started construction on Eagle View Landing last year on the site of the former Farmstead. It will include a new office building for Idaho Central Credit Union, as well as other office, retail, hotel and potential housing uses. The Topgolf-style venue would sit along I-84.

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