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Art project proposed near Boise Depot trestle bridge: give your feedback

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Last summer, we told you about a project to add a new public art piece near the Boise Depot. In 2018, the City of Boise removed a large mosaic project installed in a traffic circle near the Boise Depot. The new piece would help make up for the removed mosaic.

Now the City of Boise’s Department of Arts and History wants feedback on the project – designed by Los Angelese-based UrbanRock Design.

UrbanRock proposes a set of four tall lollipop-shaped sculptures that would go up on both sides of Capitol Blvd., and both sides of the Union Pacific trestle bridge.

Close – and far

“The project is located on Capital (sic) Avenue (sic), just north of the Vista Avenue and Rose Hill Street intersection, at the train trestle,” Urban Rock wrote in its design concept. “Tall sculptural elements are located at each of the four sides of the trestle along the sidewalk. These elements are constructed of aluminum that is coated with a durable powder-coating. These tall elements are meant to engage both motorists and pedestrians.”

The city hoped to see a piece that both drivers could appreciate – as well as people on foot.

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“There was strong feedback from the stakeholder group that the artworks should really address the pedestrian and vehicular scale of the area,” Boise City Arts and History Program Director Karl LeClair said in a presentation earlier this month. “There is more and more foot traffic moving through this space between areas on the Bench and moving into Boise State area and downtown.’

LeClair said the city hoped the art could tie into the trestle bridge itself, but couldn’t come to an agreement with Union Pacific.

Courtesy Urban Rock Design

The art pieces, called “So Far Way So Close,” are supposed to reflect Boise’s four seasons through colors. They also depict architectural icons like the Boise Depot, public buildings, mid-century modern Bench homes and more.

A series of ‘cones’ along the base of the sculptures would provide additional art.

“At the low elevation of each stalk are two intimate view cones of which at least one is accessible to smaller children and wheelchair users,” Urban Rock wrote. “Inside each of these cones is a vignette of a small-scale moment. With recent community feedback, it is anticipated that these view cones would be revised to host historic imagery of some of the Bench’s recognizable elements such as the washer woman, other community signs, historic views of the developing neighborhood, etc.”

You can weigh in with feedback on the design concept until July 17th at this website (Note, you must scroll to the very bottom and click “Next” to submit feedback).

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