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Boise teen creates small T-shirt business

A Boise teen has combined his love for art and entrepreneurial spirit and created his own small business.

Boise High School Junior, Jack Zuckerman, started A Museum Gift Shop during quarantine last spring.

He finds old art that he loves and features them on T-shirts which are now for sale on his website.

[No Art in the Park, but the art sale will continue this year]

“I’ve always been interested in repurposing old artworks,” Jack said. “I thought they’d be perfect fort-shirts.”

On the front of the shirt is the artwork. A short description and history of the piece is on the back.

“I like to use stuff that’s pretty obscure,” he said. “It’s really about revering and remembering these lesser known figures in history who produced stunning images.”

Jack hopes to one day partner will museums around the country.

To shop his products and learn more about his business, click here.

Anna Daly Gamboa, BoiseDev Reporterhttps://boisedev.com/author/annadalygamboa/
Anna Daly Gamboa is a reporter for BoiseDev. She's an Emmy-wining former producer, and a professor at the College of Western Idaho. Contact her at anna@boisedev.com.

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