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Cream of the crop: 44 North to launch new huckleberry product

In 2004, Boise based company, 44 North, combined two of Idaho’s favorites: huckleberries and potatoes – making mountain huckleberry potato vodka.

But it’s not stopping there. This Fall, 44 North is releasing a Mountain Huckleberry Cream Liqueur.

New product

44 North Mountain Huckleberry Cream Liqueur
44 North to launch Mountain Huckleberry Cream Liqueur. Photo via 44 North Vodka.

Co-founder Ken Wyatt said he got the idea while at a tasting contest last year.

“Bailey’s Irish cream was the winner and picked by everyone in the room,” Wyatt said.

“It led me to wonder if we could do something similar branded 44ยบ North and featuring huckleberry as a substitute for the chocolate notes in Bailey’s.”

He said you can drink it straight on the rocks or use it in cream liqueur cocktails.

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“The liqueur segment is significant in the world of spirits and seemed to be a natural extension of our expertise in flavoring vodka with huckleberries,” Wyatt said.

Huckleberries in the NW

The product will use Idaho distilled potato neutral spirits, northern Rocky Mountain-sourced huckleberries and cream.

44 North was able to source all its huckleberries from Idaho when it first started but had to branch out to other areas in the Northwest as it grew.

Wyatt also said that while huckleberry crops have been good, he is curious how future growth will be impacted by this year’s wild fires.

“I do wonder what the impacts of the fires will be on the remaining berries and if they will be smoke tainted,” Wyatt said.

He also said he wonders how climate change will impact the fruit.

44 North hopes to have Mountain Huckleberry Cream Liqueur on the shelves in Idaho liquor store shelves by November 1st.

Anna Daly Gamboa - BoiseDev reporterhttps://boisedev.com/author/annadalygamboa/
Anna Daly Gamboa is a reporter for BoiseDev. She's an Emmy-wining former producer, and a professor at the College of Western Idaho. Contact her at [email protected].

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