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Idaho u-pick flower farm blossoms during pandemic


It’s only the second season at Lovely Hollow Farm, and it’s been a wild one.

In 2019, flower farmer and owner, Nicole VanLith, planted the first seed in the spring and opened the farm in June.

Located off Sand Hollow road in Caldwell, the farm has rows and rows of a variety of fresh flowers. Dahlias, snapdragons and amaranth, to name a few, add color and sweet smells to a few acres of land.

Growing fast

On opening day last year, VanLith said a few families would show up during the few hours she was open.

Opening day in June this year was a different story. She knew she had to put the petal to the metal when hundreds of people showed up in the first hour and the day capped over 1500 visitors.

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“I think this year especially, the idea of going to a flower farm and getting out of the house with your family, was extremely appealing,” VanLith said.  

VanLith said most of her customers are from Ada County.

“It was unique because you could pick flowers which is so fun for all ages,” Molly Fink from Meridian said. “…and my son who is 1 and a half could run around and had a blast!”

She grows em’

Nicole Vanlith, Lovely Hollow
Nicole Vanlith harvests her flowers. Photo via Lovely Hollow Flower Farm.

Lovely Hollow is open from July through the end of September or beginning of October – depending on the weather.

“I am in my greenhouse non stop from January-April, and then I am outside planting everything from April-May, and then weeding and maintenance from May-Oct,” VanLith said.

Between crop planning, planting, social media, event planning, bookwork, and then operating hours, VanLith said she wears all of the hats on the farm.

You pick em’

Lovely Hollow Farm in Caldwell
Molly Fink and her son pick dahliahs at the flower farm. Photo via Molly Fink.

A gallon bucket of flowers, which VanLith provides to visitors, costs $30 and a mason jar, $20.

“Everyone that was there really seemed to be enjoying themselves,” Fink said. “The owner really has something to be proud of.”

Each week, VanLith posts the upcoming schedule on her Instagram which has over 10 thousand followers.

As the temperatures get cooler, VanLith said she expects the flowers to last for only the next weekend or two.

For updates on the farm, you can follow her Instagram page here.

Food and drink trucks are also usually available for visitors.

Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly is a reporter for BoiseDev. She's an Emmy-winning journalist, and a professor at the College of Western Idaho. Contact her at [email protected].

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