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Boutique store shuffle: One Downtown clothier closes, another moves (temporarily)

Two big changes for a pair of clothing stores in the Downtown Boise core.

Fancy Pants’ temporary move

Fancy Pants left its longtime home on Idaho St. at 9th St. last month, after a water heater “exploded,” leading to a need for repairs for the original store.

The boutique offers primarily women’s styles and first opened in 2006.

For now, Fancy Pants will set up its wares at 1519 W. Grove St., next to a’Tavola. Fancy Pants calls the move temporary – and paper is up covering the windows at the original location on Idaho St.

Marla June’s closes

Clothing boutique Marla June’s closed up shop for the last time Saturday.

The boutique, which opened in 2015, followed locations in Kennewick and Walla Walla, Washington. Named for founder Marla June, the store featured women’s clothing and accessories, with both off-the-rack and personal shopping sales.

The store held a brief closing sale before closing down for the last time.

The Walla Walla and Kennewick locations remain open.

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