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Meridian software company that helps families with deaths of loved ones attracts funding, grows

A Meridian startup that aims to help people through an often difficult moment is expanding.

Gather, which provides software solutions to funeral homes to help families after the death of a loved-one, recently closed a round of funding.

Founder Zach Chatterton said the money will help expand the team here in the Boise-area.

“We’ve spent years and years really building a great product and being quiet about it – testing and iterating and proving that it’s what the market wants” Chatterton said.

Now, Pelion Venture Partners committed $4 million in venture funding to Gather to help grow. The Utah-based venture funding firm holds investments in a variety of tech firms, including Cloudflare and others

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‘Everything they need’

Gather isn’t a brand the general public will know – but instead offers a set of solutions to funeral homes that they can in turn offer to the bereaved.

“We built a platform that works on two fronts. It helps the funeral home do what they need to do to run their business, and it helps the family with everything they need to do.” Chatterton said.

He said Gather’s platform helps folks do things like cancel Facebook accounts, turn off cell phones, stop junk mail and more.

“(It provides) everything you need to do that you don’t think about when you are dealing with the death of a loved one.”

Gather takes its name in part from the idea that people gather together to mourn a loved one. But in this time where getting together in person is tougher, Chatterton said they added another offering.

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“We added live streaming this year. People can’t go to funerals right now, so we send a kit to the funeral home. It includes the camera, mic, and stand. They can then live stream from anywhere – including a funeral, graveside, or a viewing.”

Passion project

He said it also provides the benefit of giving families a permanent record of those end-of-life memorials.

“My dad passed away 37 years ago. How cool would it be to be able to show my grandkids what was said at his funeral?”

It’s that loss of a loved-one that drives Chatterton’s passion for the business. His dad died shortly before he was born.

“Dad put on his cowboy hat and told my mom he loved her,” he said. “He went fishing and didn’t come home. His boat flipped over on the Snake River here in Idaho.”

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He hopes Gather can help a hard process get a little less burdonsome.

“We’re a tool that helps funeral directors help people. When you lose a human, you need another human there to help you – and technology helps with that.”

The company currently employs 12 folks based in Meridian, but Chatterton said they will grow to about 20 or so with the new funding. The company is currently working to fill roles in customer success, development and more.

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