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NPR profiles Bar Gernika; Idaho takeout & delivery revenue highest in US

Idaho leads the nation in daily takeout and delivery revenue, according to a new NPR article & podcast.

The article sites the National Restaurant Association which estimates that by the end of 2020, over 100,000 restaurants will close and $240 billion in revenue will be lost.

In a radio interview, NPR talked with Jeff May, owner of Boise Basque restaurant, Bar Gernika.

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Open since 1991 on the corner of Capital Blvd. and the Basque Block, the restaurant is only 500 square feet.

“On any given day, we had a pretty full restaurant. We had 11 tables and eight bar tops and then another five tables outside,” May said about his business pre-COVID0-19.

With limited indoor seating, May discussed how they survived a 75% revenue loss this spring and plans to survive the winter months.

Revenue ups and downs

May told NPR that revenue was up 50% this summer but has gone back down to 25% with the colder weather.

“We’re not really making money like we had before, but we’re covering most of our costs, so the loss isn’t as bad as it, you know, could be.”

With seating going from nearly 50 to 18 and his staff cut in half, May said they are trying outdoor seating with heaters and encouraging people to do take-out and delivery.

“I try to just stay positive and keep going forward,” May said.

May said he is optimistic for the holidays. “We hope that we’ll get some of the people who come into town who haven’t had croquetas in a long time.”

To read or listen to May’s full interview with NPR, click here.

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