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Food in 15, or 30? Crave to open BSU-area restaurant (Plus, ready for Ayesha Curry’s mac & cheese?)

In early 2019, we told you about a new building on Broadway in place of the former Cobby’s.

Crews built the project, by Norco president Jim Kissler, on spec – meaning they didn’t know exactly what would go in the new building.

We do now.

Crave Delivery tells BoiseDev it will build a new kitchen and restaurant facility on the ground floor of the building, alongside the recently-opened Bolder Barber Shop. And the restaurant will welcome the public. Crave features an integrated food delivery service that launched its first location in the valley earlier this fall.

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“You can get Tony G’s Pizza or Rock House Sliders right in Downtown Boise, with takeout, or delivery,” Crave CEO Devin Wade told BoiseDev. “We’re super excited because we get to launch late night, and we will have a real brick and mortar presence downtown.”

The concept will weave together Crave’s technology with bricks and mortar to bring together a unique experience. A bar, owned by an unaffiliated group, will operate on the second floor of the building. But the bar will license Crave’s technology.

15, or 30?

“You can sit down at the bar and pick from a 15-minute menu or a 30-minute menu,” Crave investor Travis Hawkes said. “It’s outside the box, but it works.”

The 15-minute menu items will come from the kitchen in the building. But cooks will actually prepare dishes for the 30-minute menu at the Crave facility at Ten Mile Crossing in Meridian.

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“You order through a waiter or waitress from the 15 or 30 minute menus,” Wade said, explaining that for the guest it should be a seamless experience. Options will include a full array from Crave’s dozen-plus restaurant options.

Hawkes said they are excited to expand late-night offerings in the Boise State area, and the concept gives them a presences across from Albertsons Stadium.

Hawkes & Wade hope to open by mid-February.

Ayesha Curry’s mac & cheese joint

Ayesha Curry and Michael Min in a promotional image.

Chefs Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina teamed up for a new concept that mixes barbecue — and mac and cheese.

Mac ‘n Cue will open its Boise-area offering on Crave’s platform Monday, Hawkes said. Curry is known for her cookbooks, roles in TV and reality shows (and, with husband Steph, an occasional Cardi B lyric).

This will be the third location for Mac ‘n Cue, after outlets in Del Mar and San Francisco. The offering weaves together the heartiness of macaroni and cheese with barbecue flavors.

Courtesy Mac ‘n Cue

Here’s the pitch from Mina’s website: “Bring comfort home with a menu offering International Smoke favorites from the wood-fired smoker, alongside a menu of innovative macaroni and cheese renditions straight from the homes of Chef Mina and Ayesha.”

Items like Ayesha’s Umami Crab Mac, BBQ Pulled Pork and others will start rolling out next week.

Bricks and mortar in Meridian, too

Wade and Hawkes also explained that they plan to launch a small open-to-the-public serving area at the Crave cloud kitchen facility at Ten Mile Crossing. It will offer tea creations from Percolate tea, as well as confections from Mérité Bakeshop.

Customers who work in the growing office park could walk in and place an order on iPads in the building, and take their selections away.

Work crews started building out the space recently and construction is underway.

Disclosure: Crave is a sponsor of BoiseDev’s takeout guide. It had no role in the selection or production of this story.

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Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
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