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New affordable duplexes proposed for McCall

RLC Holdings, LLC of Camas, Washington spoke to the McCall Planning and Zoning Commission earlier this month, to pitch 15 new affordable duplexes on 428 Colorado St.

Duplex layout

The duplexes would be on the 3.87 acres site RLC purchased to build apartments. Todd Stratton of RLC Holdings says they decided duplexes would work better for McCall.

“We started looking at the apartment complex idea concept and we decided that actually, it would be better to do townhomes,” he said. “What we’re noticing in McCall is just the lack of A, storage and B, a lack of basically homes for families… There’s no workforce housing at all, there no housing for locals or it’s priced too high, so what we’re trying to do is provide that.”

The units would have two-stories that are approximately 1,408 square feet, three beds, 2.5 baths and have a two-car garage.

Because of the lack of short-term rentals in McCall, it’s hard to hire workers for these types of projects. That along with the cold weather is why Stratton says RLC Holdings is negotiating with Stratford Homes to place modular homes on the foundations they will build.

He says the goal is more affordable housing. They do not want these to be short-term rentals like Airbnb. 

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Building permits

RLC Holdings presented the duplexes in two phases to the commission. The first phase would be 7.5 units. Half the duplexes require an R4 land use permit where the zone lets a max of eight dwellings per acre. The second phase would be the rest of the duplexes. RLC Holdings would need an R8 land use permit that allows for 15 dwellings per acre.

If McCall does not approve the R8 permit, the duplexes cannot move forward.

“Another thing on this is that we need to do the entire complex, so that’s why we’re asking for the upselling to R8 or it doesn’t pencil,” he said. “It gets shelved like we want to do the entire thing or the cost of construction and the dirt it is at a breakeven point at R4. But at R8 you actually get a return, because the banks won’t loan if you’re not getting a return…So no, it won’t happen if we don’t get it to R8.”

Stratton says the commission seemed okay with this request but voiced their concern about the sewer. He says the sewer runs flat and it is not sized right on Colorado Street. But, Stratton says the sewer will eventually need fixed anyway. And it needs fixed in order to make the project happen.

RLC Holdings, LLC presented their preliminary plans, so the commission did not make any decisions during the meeting. Stratton says next up is a neighborhood meeting.

Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Ketchum, McCall and general news. Contact her at autum@boisedev.com.

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