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Thirteen homes proposed for McCall during Planning & Zoning meeting

Steve Millemann of Net Prophet LLC, presented preliminary plans for 13 detached single-family dwellings to McCall’s Planning and Zoning Commission on December 1.

The Running Horse subdivisions will total 3.3 acres and run on West Lake Street across from Rotary Park.

Net Prophet LLC will sell twelve of the 13 homes at market rate. The last home is going to be a deed-restricted local housing unit.

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There are two different style two-story subdivisions available. The first will approximately be 1,992 square feet, with four beds and three baths. The second will be around 1,800 square feet and have three beds and three baths. Both unit styles feature two-car garages.

“There’s been some further work to try to identify opportunities for some additional off-street parking,” Millemann said during the meeting. “Actually the way these units are designed to have a two-car garage with every unit. And then another opportunity for two more cars to park in the driveway… The desire is to try to find an opportunity to create some overflow parking for guests or snowmobile trailers, that sort of thing”

Along with extra space for parking, Millemann says there will also be some common area around the subdivisions. The association in charge of the units will do the landscaping and keep the common area visually appealing. The units themselves will be privately owned, so the owners handle the upkeep of their property.

Subdivision amenities

There is also a proposed bike path that would run from the corner of Mather Road, through Lake Street and Forest Street.

“What I find interesting about the proposed pedestrian pathway along the eastern boundary of the property, there was actually an unimproved alley that extends easterly that presents some interesting opportunities in the future, perhaps for a pedestrian pathway bike path,” Millemann said.

Neighborhood art will be part of the subdivision project. A fence that would run across the entire bike path would feature welded horses. This is a tribute to Native American history, more specifically the Nez Perce tribe.

The commission did not make any decisions regarding the Running Horse subdivisions.

Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Ketchum, McCall and general news. Contact her at autum@boisedev.com.

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