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‘Goodbye, friends:’ Boise’s Bier Thirty will close doors for final time

Boise’s Bier:Thirty in Bown Crossing hoped to make it to ten years in business later this year. But the neighborhood beer bar and eatery will close next week, just shy of a decade.

“We’re not going to lie; we were hoping to hit the 10-year mark, a mere five months away,” owner Chris Oates wrote on Facebook last night. “However, with all that is going on, it’s not going to happen; we’re losing too much each month, digging ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole that we know we will never be able to get out of.”

Bier:Thirty opened as an offshoot of Brewforia on Bown Way a decade ago – mixing together a bottle shop with in-store service. The owners pivoted the business slightly and changed names to Bier:Thirty with a heightened focus on foodservice and more in-store beers and ciders on tap and in coolers.

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But in recent months, Oates said the business struggled. Another eatery down the street, Locavore closed up shop for the winter – hoping to open again next year.

“The fact of the matter is the only way Bier:Thirty works is when we’re maxed out; when the line goes out the door, and it gets so loud that you can’t hear the person across from you,” Oates wrote in the long Facebook post. “Love it or hate it; those were the times that made us who we are. It was Bier:Thirty’s personality, its culture.”

They said they don’t place blame on restrictions, or the pandemic. They “always wanted to be responsible.” But they concede those normal, packed-house times, are a ways off. “Too far away for us to be able to make it work,” they concede.

Bier:Thirty will remain open for a few more days – until about Wednesday, January 13th. They say there are some kegs left to drain, and they hope to do growler fills for customers who drop by.

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Despite the end of Bier:Thirty, Oates looked back with some fondness.

“We can’t even begin to thank the customers who have made Bier:Thirty their own over the years. We’ve had so many beers together, we’ve seen first dates, wedding parties, expanding families, graduation parties, love lost, retirement parties, countless birthday parties, and we’ve lost some good folks as well. We thank you for your patronage over the years; we are indeed forever grateful.”

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