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Micron applies to spend $100-million in additional upgrades to Boise campus

Micron Technology continues its multi-year revamp of its large campus in southeast Boise.

A flurry of new building permits show the computer chip maker plans to spend more than $100-million in construction activity on the campus in coming months.

Three building permits show extensive construction activity will take place in coming months on the campus:

  • An $82-million permit to buildout portions of Building 51 on the campus. As BoiseDev reported in 2017, Building 51 is a newer building on the campus that will house a new research and development lab for the chipmaker. The project will build out 236,000 square feet of total space in the four-story building.
  • A $21-million permit to complete a buildout on Building 39. This two-story building will see updates to a total of 30,000 square feet. It’s unclear what Micron will use the building for.
  • A $1.5-million permit for minor changes to Building 21. The permit indicates this will consolidate facilities in Building 4 and Building 5.

In August, BoiseDev reported on a $36-million investment to revamp office Building 17/17C.

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These upgrades are the latest in a series of changes to the Boise campus. As BoiseDev first reported in 2017, Micron also built a new 265,000 square foot building elsewhere on the campus with a large skybridge connecting it to other facilities on the campus. 37 includes an employee gym, large lobby and bike shelter. It cost $32-million to complete.

The $104.6-million in permit applications from Micron are significant for Boise. For instance, across the entire month of December for all of the City of Boise, the city approved $61.3-million in construction activity, across more than 1,818 permits. For all of 2020, the city approved a total of $688-million in building permits.

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Continued expansion

Micron continues to expand in Boise and at other sites around the country and the world. It opened a new campus in San Jose last summer, and announced a $3 billion expansion in Virginia.

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As BoiseDev reported earlier this year, a member of the Idaho legislature is looking at rolling back a provision that allowed Micron to cap its property value at $400-million. Before most of the upgrades mentioned here, the value of Micron’s property ballooned to $1.86-billion as of 2019. The law meant Micron paid $4.749-million in property tax, versus the $20.33-million it would have owed otherwise. The potential legislative action came after BoiseDev reported on the cap in November.

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Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
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