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Albertsons appears to drop MyPillow product, following other national retailers

Boise-based Albertsons appeared to remove the MyPillow products from its local stores.

The company wouldn’t confirm or otherwise provide details despite two requests for comment.

National retailers Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond pulled the products off the shelves nationwide, according to company CEO Mike Lindell, as reported by CNBC. Bed Bath and Kohl’s both confirmed to CNBC they were removing the products.

Lindell repeatedly stated falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election results and said on an online stream that the retailers were “scared” to carry his product.

Bed Bath said it phased out MyPillow due the upcoming rollout of a store brand, and Kohl’s said the product was removed due to declining demand according to CNBC.

Lindell in Boise

Lindell came to Boise and appeared at the grand opening of the Albertsons store on Broadway. He appeared with Albertsons Intermountain Division President John Colgrove to tout the launch of the MyPillow product at “Albertsons stores around the country.”

The MyPillow product, complete with a display featuring a cutout of Lindell appeared in the Albertsons Broadway store as recently as late last year.

The product is listed as unavailable at on Albertsons’ Instacart page. It is not listed in the company’s app or online shopping – though it’s unclear if the pillow was previously available via Albertsons’ online presence.

We checked three Boise-area Albertsons stores and could not find the product. When asked, an Albertsons store employee said the pillow was no longer available.

We asked an Albertsons spokesperson if the product had been pulled by the company, but they did not reply.

Albertsons owns more than 2,200 stores around the country, under names including Safeway, Carrs, Acme, Jewel, Vons, and others.

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