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Ketchum City Council approves applications & components of new Sun Valley-area hotel

An upscale new hotel could soon open in the Sun Valley area, with action from the Ketchum City Council.

The council approved plans for the approximately 130,000 square foot Marriott-affiliated Ketchum Tribute Hotel.

The 92-room hotel with 23 employee housing units would sit at the corner of River and Main St., to the south of the Limelight Hotel. The hotel includes several public amenities that include a rooftop bar and restaurant. 

The council voted three times to approve different applications and components of the project. They approved a floodplain application, lot line adjustment and an application for Planned Unit Development Conditional Use Permit.

[Ketchum could see new 4-star hotel along Main St.]

Waivers & public comment

The applicant requested waivers for minimum lot size, side yard setbacks, floor area ratio, building height and number of floors. Councilman Jim Slanetz spoke about how citizens felt about the waivers.

“In my opinion that a lot of people are not for growth at this moment and a big hotel coming to Ketchum and especially the city making waivers and expeditions,” he said.

Some Ketchum citizens have voiced their concerns about the hotel. Such as Perry Boyle, who called in during public comment to say that a hotel such as this is not appropriate for Ketchum adding that another hotel could be okay, but a “massive Marriott” is not.

The hotel has also received support from the public.

Councilwoman Amanda Breen spoke about how the council has reviewed the project for months and thinks it should move forward.

“We went through that in detail and made our decisions at that time,” she said. “And, you know, we are representatives to government, we’re not a government by referendum. So we were elected because people put their trust in us to make these hard decisions. And we did go through that process I think very thoroughly when we went through this whole process last year. So I stand by my decision. I stand by the reasons for my decision”

Next up the hotel goes to Planning and Zoning for design review, and if the project moves forward a development agreement would come to the council for consideration.

Autum Robertson - BoiseDev reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Meridian and McCall. Contact her at [email protected].

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