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Meridian City Council votes for a continuance for second annexation request in response to SB 1108

Meridian City Council decided to push pause on approving another large subdivision that hoped to be annexed into the city. It’s the latest move in reaction to legislation that could change how cities can tax new growth.

SB 1108 is a property tax bill that many officials have come forward to oppose because it limits local governments to 75% of annexation and new construction taxes. 

During the council‘s February 23 meeting, members heard an annexation application for a 128-acre development. But at the end of the presentation, members voted to push back a decision until a later date or when they have more clarity on SB 1108. 

Now, just a couple weeks later, the council voted on another annexation request. 

Annexation request

Tuesday, an applicant from Boise-based Breckon Land Design, requested annexation of 40.48 acres for the Shafer View Terrace project.

[Meridian City Council considers freeze on annexations in response to SB 1108, delays vote on 128-acre project]

The subdivision, located on the east side of South Meridian Rd., would include 50 houses and amenities including a play area for kids, a multi-sport court, and a picnic gazebo.

The staff also had some issues with the access point to the subdivision because it is located on a busy road. The applicant and council members discussed a right turn on Meridian Rd., but ultimately decided they need more clarification from ITD on questions surrounding funding and a timeline.

“When you already have others in that area developing, who really becomes the additional contributors to that right-hand turn lane?,” Mayor Robert Simison said. “I think that’s an important question. If a right-hand turn lane is desired by council or some sort of access; what is the best mechanism by which to achieve that and when?”

SB1108 still a factor

Council member Joe Borton voiced that the project looks good, but it is necessary to address the “elephant in the room” which is SB 1108.

“Some of the assumptions which these types of projects are built upon, understandably so, is the funding stream that we have necessary to serve them,” Borton said. “…So the concern that existed a week ago I think it continues today. It’s something that makes me only comfortable with a continuance.”

The council agreed with this sentiment and voted to delay hearing the project again until April 13.

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Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Meridian and McCall. Contact her at [email protected].

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