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Proposed project would add homes to Boise foothills next to popular trail

A new subdivision could go up in the Boise Foothills, if the City of Boise signs off on it.

Boise Hunter Homes and the Harris family asked the city for approval of the new project above Boise’s Barber Valley. The project, like most from the Harris family, would carry their name and go by Harris Ranch East, according to the application.

The developers hope to build 59 new homes along a ridgeline above East Junior High School and the Golden Dawn mobile home park.

Map shows Harris Ranch East in context above Boise’s Barber Valley. Via Barber Valley NA/Google Maps

The project would sit generally next to Harris North, another foothills development from the same team, but would include a different access point and be separated by the popular Homestead Trail. Harris North included 172 home sites, and construction continues on that project.

New trail connection

On the other side of Harris Ranch North sits the Peace Valley Overlook Reserve, which the City of Boise owns. The city’s master plan for the site would include an interpretive trail, which the new subdivision would help connect to Homestead.

“We plan on creating a trail connection to the reserver property that traverses through the subdivision and connects to the Homestead Trail near the northwest corner of the property,” Todd Tucker with Boise Hunter homes wrote in an application letter. “This will provide a much-desired trail connection in this area.”

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Map of potential trail connection. Via public filing

Project developers propose adding 26 parking stalls along Council Springs Road at the Homestead Trailhead.

To build the home lots, crews will use a typical-for-the-foothills cut and fill method – moving earth from one location to another to build out flat areas for lots. During a work session earlier this year, according to the Barber Valley Neighborhood Association, Boise Hunter Homes said the project would move 510,000 cubic yards of earth – but would “balance” – in that crews would neither import or export any soil to the site.

The City of Boise gave general approval 350 single-family homes in the foothills for the Harris Ranch development back in 2007. With the Harris North and Harris Ranch East project, a total of 231 of those units are planned for.

The project will need both a subdivision permit from the City of Boise as well as Category III Hillside approval. A hearing is set for May 3rd in front of the city’s planning and zoning commission.

Because of limitations with the City of Boise records system provided by Accela Government Software, we cannot link you directly to the hearing notice. You can find details by clicking here, clicking the Documents tab, and clickingthrough to page 5, and selecting “PDS-Correspondence – NOTIFICATION LETTER FOR THE MAY 3, 2021 PZC HEARING”

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