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‘It’s amazing:’ Couple who met over ice cream launch an ice cream shop in Meridian

A new ice cream parlor opened this week in Meridian, with a variety of house-made flavors.

Cyndi and Blake Taylor launched Lovejoy’s Real Ice Cream last week, about fifteen years after they first met over servings of the frozen treat.

“I grew up in Meridian and my wife and I have just always wanted to open an ice cream parlor. Our first date was over ice cream,” Blake Taylor said. “For the past 15 years, we’ve always wanted to open an ice cream shop.”

“Blake learned the ins and outs of ice cream and I do all the design,” Cyndi said. “We make a good team that way. The last two days have been the most fun of my entire life!”

Lovejoy’s is located at 1760 S. Meridian Rd. near Overland Rd.

Feel free to be choco’late

Flavors include the standards of course, plus huckleberry cheescake, carrot cake, mint chipper — and several varieties of chocolate, including cocho’late to the party.

“It’s our own unique blend of chocolate,” Blake said. “We use three different types to make it. I came up with the recipe myself. My wife really loves chocolates… we’ll always offer three or fourdifferent types.”

Cyndi agreed – naming another chocolate variety as her top pick.

“My favorite is cookie butter cookie butter,” Cyndi said. “It’s amazing. I could eat it every day, and I have the last three days for dinner.”

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The product is mixed in house.

“We make it in the shop as far as mixing in the flavors,” Blake said. “I’ve been experimenting at home with very small batches for the past six or seven months. I’ve probably made a few hundred batches of ice cream.”

Lovejoy’s will also serve panini sandwiches – and a panini ice cream sandwich.

“We heat up two cookies on the panini grill and put ice cream between them – it’s like an ice cream sandwich with the cookies heated up,” Blake said.

‘Makes people happy’

Lovejoy is Cyndi’s middle name – and Blake said they felt it fit with their mission.

“It just fit well with ice cream. It makes people happy. We want it to be a place where people can be happy and feel joy and share love basically.”

While Blake worked on making up the product, Cyndi put together the shop itself.

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“It’s just very light and airy,” she said. “A lot of light colors and a lot of seating. We have a party room because we want people to come and hang out and eat ice cream. We had kids playing cards back there the other night and I loved it. My vision is people would want to come and eat ice cream and hang out with their friends and family.”

Courtesy Lovejoy’s Real Ice Cream

She even plans to add swings for seats in the coming days, an idea she saw once at a coffee shop in Vancouver.

The Taylors have six kids – and the new shop will be a family affair.

“A big part of why they wanted to do this is so they could see if you have a dream and work hard, you can make it happen,” Cyndi said.

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