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Inside Idaho: The legend of the Kuna Caves

In some of our last Inside Idaho editions, we uncovered the treasures found beneath the ground including gold and garnets. But did you know Idaho also has dozens of caves?

Paris Ice Caves, Shoshone Ice Cave, Minnetonka Cave, and caves found at Craters of the Moon are just a few.

And there is one that has become VERY popular in the Treasure Valley: The Kuna Caves.

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Once filled with volcanic activity, this Idaho hot spot is located about five miles south of Kuna.

“Some say that in the past, this cave, along with other caves along a lava tube, used to run underground from a little South of Kuna Cave Road, all the way to the Snake River,” the Kuna city website notes. There is also a belief that the old nomadic Indian tribes may have used these lava tubes to get to the Snake River underground.

Today, visitors enter the caves using a 50ft ladder that takes them to the bottom. While it once ran to the Snake River, what’s left are underground tunnels spanning about a quarter mile.

Unfortunately, as the caves grew in popularity, so did the graffiti and litter left at the entrance and inside the caves.

In March, the Bureau of Land Management proposed several improvements to the Kuna Caves. These include updated road and parking access, a renovated entrance ladder and a new grate to help prevent littering and vandalism. 

BLM is now in the process of collecting public comment and reviewing plans.

Next week in our Inside Idaho series: We take a look at the event that brings dozens of celebrities to Idaho each year. You’ll find that here on Tuesday, July 6th.

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Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly is a reporter for BoiseDev. She's an Emmy-winning journalist, and a professor at the College of Western Idaho. Contact her at [email protected].

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